Commercial Concrete Batching Plant

AIMIX designs Commercial Concrete Batching Plant for those who want to specialize in manufacturing all kinds of concrete and selling them. Commercial Concrete Batching Plant is exclusively used to manufacture all kinds of commercial concrete.

Therefore, Commercial Plant is commonly equipped with outside cover and complete configuration and bigger structure which can provide all kinds of concrete as different projects need.

AJ-90 Commercial Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

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Of course, Commercial Plant possesses larger production capacity and output which produces as much concrete as it can to meet the market requirements.

At the same time, the concrete produced by Commercial Plant is guaranteed by high quality.

Features of Commercial Concrete Batching Plant:

1. Commercial concrete batch plant is used for specializing in manufacturing various kinds of concrete and selling them.

2. With large output, short production cycle and high production efficiency

3. The concrete produced by Commercial concrete mixing plant is guaranteed with high quality

4. Suitable for manufacturing hard concrete, half-dry concrete, plasticity concrete and other concrete of diversified formulas.

5. Equipped with complete configuration that can meet all kinds of requirements

6. Commercial concrete mix plant needs more types of additive agents and more grades of cement to produce all kinds of concrete. Therefore, AIMIX equips commercial plant with more additive agents and cement silos.

7. With outside cover and complex structure.

8. Under the circumstance of same output, commercial concrete batching plant has got higher price than Engineering Concrete Batching Plant.

Aimix AJ-180 Commercial Concrete Plant Installed in Sri Lanka:

AJ-180 Commercial Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

Specification : 

Model: AJ-180
Capacity: 180m3/h
Concrete Mixer: JS4000
Power: 170KW

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Why Choose AIMIX Products?

1. Made of high-standards materials

AIMIX equips the commercial concrete mixing plant with the materials of highest standards to guarantee the quality service life of plants. Therefore, AIMIX plants got high cost performance.

2. Batching System

AIMIX applies abrasion-proof material to manufacture the hoppers so that the service life of hoppers is five times long than other congeneric products. Meanwhile, in order to to smoothly discharge the aggregates, AIMIX equips the batching machine with large dip angle and vibratory lining plate.

3. Transporting System

Belt conveyor is equipped with rubber insulated rollers which can reduce the damage to the lowest level.

4. Liquid Weighing System

Antiseep technology ensures the safety of additive agent weighing system. AIMIX uses technology of boosting pressure to unload water for the sake of well controlling the unloading process and the slump of concrete.

5. Powder Materials Transporting and Weighing System

The valve ports of cement silos are equipped with rubber roll heads to prevent the damage for powder materials scales from the screw conveyors.

6. Mixing System

AIMIX equips the mixer with non-stick mixing shaft and non-stick drum cover to keep the inside of the mixer clean and out of artificial cleaning. What is more, non-stick peculiarity ensures that no vestigial concrete will stick inside of hoppers. And the loading process is operated under totally enclosed devices so that it will not cause environmental pollution at all.

7. Dust-collecting System

Centralized controller and dust-collecting devices are set in the cement silos to ensure that the production line operates smoothly and no environment problems occur.

8. Control System

AIMIX equips the plants with multifunctional control system that can meet all the requirements for construction.

9. Modularized Production Line

AIMIX is in possession of modularized product design line and factorized production mode.

AJ-240 Commercial Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

Specification : 

Model: AJ-240
Capacity: 240m3/h
Concrete Mixer: JS4000
Power: 220KW

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Main parts:

1. Twin-shift forced mixer

2. Three-hopper type batching machine, belt conveyor

3. Cement silo, screw conveyer

4. Water pot, additive pot

5. Powder scale hopper, water scale hopper, additive scale hopper

6. Control room

Main Technical Parameters:

Type AJ-120 AJ-150 AJ-180 AJ-240
Theoretical Productivity(m3/h) 120 150 180 240
Concrete mixer Type JS2000 JS3000 JS3000 JS4000
Power(KW) 74 90 110 150
Discharging capacity(L) 2000 2500 3000 4000
Aggregate size (Pebble/Macadam)  (mm) 80/60 80/60 150 150
Aggregate Bin Volume(m3) 2/3/4×20 2/3/4×25 2/3/4×30 2/3/4×40
Weighing Accuracy Aggregate(KG) 2200Kg±2% 2600Kg±2% 3000Kg±2% 4200Kg±2%
Cement(KG) 1200Kg±1% 1500Kg±1% 1800Kg±1% 2200Kg±1%
Fly Ash(KG) 400Kg±1% 450Kg±1% 500 Kg±1% 800 Kg±1%
Water(KG) 500 Kg±1% 650 Kg±1% 800 Kg±1% 1000 Kg±1%
Additive(KG) 50 Kg±1% 80 Kg±1% 80 Kg±1% 80 Kg±1%
Total Power(KW) 160 165 170 220
Discharging Height(M) 4.2 4.2 4.2 4.2

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