Dry Mortar Production Line for Sale

As one of the dry mortar batch plant manufacturers, AIMIX has designed and launched various kinds of dry mortar mixing plants to satisfy the needs of all kinds of the engineering constructions.

AIMIX has equipped each plant with full-automatic control system and other humanized functions so that users will experience more smooth operations.

Main Systems of Dry Mortar Production Line in AIMIX:

All kinds of dry mortar plants vary in many ways, but they are mainly comprised of the following parts.

1. Lifting system

2. Batching system

3. Drying system

4. Weighing and mixing system

5. Storing system

6. Packing system

7. Dust removal system

8. Pneumatic system

9. Control system

How Does A Dry Mortar Production Line Work?

The twin-shaft agravic mixer is the key part of the whole set. Equipped with a pair of revolving main shaft to drive the rotation of paddles, the mixer can toss the materials to the air in a certain angle.

The powder particle will lose the gravity at that moment in the flowing air. The centrifugal force and the gravity of particle will mutually counteract. And the powder particles will mix themselves into each other’s space and form a flowing weightless zone.

And a vortex will be taken shape around the main shaft. In the bottom of the mixer, a materials parallel flowing layer will be formed as well and the powder materials will conduct axial motion along with the bottom.

During that process, by means of dually drived by radial force and axial force, the powder materials will conduct three-dimension compound motion and form all-around compound cycle and be mixed evenly and promptly at the end.

The aggregates will be firstly loaded into the bins by means of bucket elevator. AIMIX designs the batching system to use one bucket elevator for distributive working which avoids wasting of resources.

Cooperated by the screw conveyor, the weighing system loads the raw materials into the weighing hoppers. According to the data feedback of sensor, the raw materials will be conducted for weighing process.

The weighed materials will be loaded into the main bucket elevator by the screw conveyor and then be discharged into the waiting mixing storage bins set on the upward of mixer. The waiting mixing storage bins have pneumatic gate which can rapidly discharge the materials into the agravic mixer.

While finish the mixing process, the finished products will discharged into the finished products storage bins through the air-operated gate. The finished products storage bins connects with the packing machine by means of flexible coupling.

The finished products will be weighed and packed through the flexible coupling. Users may add belt conveyor to transport the finished products into the storage bins or the truck.

Analysis on the working principle of Dry Mortar Production Line
How Does a Dry Mortar Mixing Plant Work?

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