Semi-automatic Dry Mortar Production Line

Also known as basic dry mortar production line, semi-automatic dry mortar production line has simple structure and floor area. With continuous production mode, the production capacity of Semi-automatic dry mortar mix plant made by AIMIX is high. It adopts SLHS twin-shaft mixer which won’t destroy the original state of materials and can guarantee the insulated factors of mortar will not decline due to the change of shape of raw materials and ensure the insulated efficiency of products. It is suitable for small and middle scale manufacturer. Equipped with automatic packing system, semi- automatic dry mortar mixing plant possesses superior performance and is mainly used to produce dry mortar, vitrified micro bubbles (inorganic insulated mortar) and lacquer putty.

FBJ3000 Semi-auto ready mixed mortar production plant for sale in AIMIX
FBJ3000 Semi-automatic Dry Mixed Mortar Production Equipment for Sale in AIMIX

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Features of Semi-automatic Dry Mortar Production Line:

1. With simple structure and smaller investment cost
2. With high-degree dispersity: Unique designs inside of the mixer can effectively disperse polypropylene fiber and wood fibers which completely solve the problems about liquate and the secondary fiber reunion caused by the difference of the materials proportion.
3. With wide application: Semi-automatic dry mortar batching plant can produce various mortar such as masonry mortar, plastering mortar, insulated masonry mortar, decorated mortar and other special mortar.
4. With higher cost performance: Semi-automatic dry mortar batch plant needs less investment cost but it has higher production efficiency, which avoids to cause the devices in idle and wasting of resources.
5. Specializes in producing insulated and decorated mortar for external wall.
6. Easy to operate. With small floor area and low energy consumption, semi-automatic dry mortar production machine needs less workers and has productivity of 3 to 5 tons per hour.

Why choose AIMIX products:

1. Mixing System

AIMIX designs practiced and efficient mixing system, drying system and weighing system.

2. Accurate Weighing System

3. Dust Removal System

Primary cyclone dust removal system and the secondary bag filter structure are installed in the plant at the same time. Therefore, the plant will cause lower air pollution.

4. Packing System

Both loose packing and full packing devices are available to meet every requirement of different users.

5. Humanized Semi-automatic Control System

With more intelligent and humanized semi automatic computer control system.

6. Durable Main Frame

Only high-standard H type steel is applied to manufacture the main frame of plant. Consequence, AIMIX’s plants will be more durable and easier to maintain and cause lower noise pollution.

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Main parts:

1. Non-gravity mixer (with fly-cutter)
2. Finished product bins
3. Packing machine
4. Bucket elevator
5. Waiting mixing bins
6. Pulse dust collector
7. Air compressor system
8. Control system: Semi-automatic control system

Operating principle:

To the working principle of semi-automatic dry mortar production line, firstly, use bucket elevator to load the aggregates into the bins. Batching system designed by AIMIX adopts one bucket elevator for distributive working for the sake of avoiding to waste resources. Next, weigh the aggregate and load the weighed materials into the waiting mixing storage bins. Next, discharge the materials from the gate of storage bins into the mixer. When mix the materials well enough, the mixture will be loaded into the finished products storage bins. Next, the finished products will be respectively weighed and packed.

FBJ1200 Semi-automatic Dry Mortar Mixing Equipment for Sale:

Semi-automatic Dry Mortar Mixing Plant for sale
HOT Selling FBJ1200 Semi-automatic Dry Mortar Production Line in AIMIX

Specification : 

Model: FBJ1200 Semi-automatic Dry Mortar Production Equipment
Capacity: 10-20t/h
Aggregate Diameter: 0-4.75mm
Power: 30KW

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FBJ2000 Semi-automatic Dry Mortar Mixing Equipment for Sale:

Semi-auto Type Dry Mortar Batching Equipment for sale
Buy FBJ2000 Semi-auto Dry Mortar Production Line in AIMIX

Specification : 

Model: FBJ2000 Semi-automatic Dry Mortar Production Equipment
Capacity: 20-40t/h
Aggregate Diameter: 0-4.75mm
Power: 37KW

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FBJ3000 Semi-automatic Dry Mortar Mixing Equipment for Sale:

Semi-automatic Dry Mortar Production Equipment for sale
Hot Selling FBJ3000 Semi-automatic Dry Mixed Mortar Production Equipment in AIMIX

Specification : 

Model: FBJ3000 Semi-automatic Dry Mortar Production Equipment
Capacity: 40-60t/h
Aggregate Diameter: 0-4.75mm
Power: 55KW

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FBJ4500 Semi-automatic Dry Mortar Mixing Equipment for Sale:

Semi automatic Dry Mortar Production Equipment Machinery for sale
Best FBJ4500 Semi-automatic Dry Mortar Production Equipment for sale in AIMIX

Specification : 

Model: FBJ4500 Semi-automatic Dry Mortar Production Equipment
Capacity: 60-80t/h
Aggregate Diameter: 0-4.75mm
Power: 75KW

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FBJ6000 Semi-automatic Dry Mortar Mixing Equipment for Sale:

Semi automatic dry mortar mixing equipment for sale
Buy FBJ6000 Semi Automatic Ready Mixed Dry Mortar Production Line in AIMIX

Specification : 

Model: FBJ6000 Semi-automatic Dry Mortar Production Equipment
Capacity: 80-120t/h
Aggregate Diameter: 0-4.75mm
Power: 110KW

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Main parameters:

Type FBJ1200 FBJ2000 FBJ3000 FBJ4500 FBJ6000
theoretical productivity(t/h) 10-20 20-40 40-60 60-80 80-120
Total power(kw) 30 37 55 75 110
Plot ratio 70% 70% 70% 70% 70%
Aggregate diameter(mm) 0-4.75 0-4.75 0-4.75 0-4.75 0-4.75
Weighing accuracy Sand(kg) (200-1300) ±1% (200-2000) ±1% (400-3000) ±1% (400-3800) ±1% (500-5800) ±1%
Cement(kg) (100-700) ±1% (100-800) ±1% (200-1300) ±1% (200-1800) ±1% (200-2000) ±1%
Additive(kg) (5-30) ±0.5% (10-50) ±0.5% (10-200) ±0.5% (10-200) ±0.5% (10-200) ±0.5%

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