Simple Dry Mortar Production Line

Simple dry mortar mixing plant has simple structures and compositions. What is more, it is easier to install and needs less floor space to place. After the plant is assembled, it is easy to operate the whole set of machinery.

FBJ1200 Simple Dry Mixed Mortar Production Equipment for Sale in AIMIX
FBJ1200 Simple Dry Mortar Mix Plant for Sale in AIMIX

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Features of Simple Dry Mortar Production Line:

1. Suitable for producing special and single-variety dry mortar
2. With lower investment cost and suitable for small business investment
3. With small floor area and less than 3 meters height and suitable for common private house
4. Easy to operate
5. With high production capacity. One ton for one time, 10 to 20 tons a day.
6. With low degree of automation

Simple Dry Mortar Mixer
Cutaway View of Dry Mortar Mixer

Why choose AIMIX products:

1. AIMIX adopts high-grade H type steel to produce the frame, which makes the whole equipment more durable.
2. Easy to install and maintain.
3. With high quality and low noise pollution.

Screw Propeller in Simple Dry Mortar Mixer
Three Layers Screw Propeller

Main parts:

1. One Dry powder mixer
2. Two Screw conveyors
3. One finished product bin
4. One Valve-gate packing machine/ Open-gate packing machine

Operating principle:

1. The weighed raw materials are transported into the mixer by screw conveyor
2. The discharging gate of the mixer is connected with another screw conveyor. The finished products will be loaded into the storage bin by means of the screw conveyor
3. The discharging gate of the storage bin is connected with the valve-gate packing machine/open gate packing machine. The finished products will be packed and stored after being weighed by packing machine.

FBJ1200 Simple Dry Mortar Mixing Equipment for Sale:

Simple Ready Mixed Dry Mortar Mixing Machinery for sale
FBJ1200 Simple Dry Mortar Mix Plant for Sale in AIMIX

Specification : 

Model: FBJ1200 Simple Dry Mortar Production Equipment
Capacity: 10-20t/h
Aggregate Diameter: 0-4.75mm
Power: 30KW

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FBJ2000 Simple Dry Mortar Mixing Equipment for Sale:

Simple Dry Mortar Batch Mix Equipment for sale
FBJ2000 Simple Type Dry Mortar Production Machine for Sale in AIMIX

Specification : 

Model: FBJ2000 Simple Dry Mortar Production Equipment
Capacity: 20-40t/h
Aggregate Diameter: 0-4.75mm
Power: 37KW

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FBJ3000 Simple Dry Mortar Mixing Equipment for Sale:

Simple Ready Mixed Dry Mortar Production Machinery for sale
Buy FBJ3000 Simple Dry Mortar Mixing Equipment in AIMIX

Specification : 

Model: FBJ3000 Simple Dry Mortar Production Equipment
Capacity: 40-60t/h
Aggregate Diameter: 0-4.75mm
Power: 55KW

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Main parameters:

Type FBJ1200 FBJ2000 FBJ3000
theoretical productivity(t/h) 10-20 20-40 40-60
Total power(kw) 30 37 55
Plot ratio 70% 70% 70%
Aggregate diameter(mm) 0-4.75 0-4.75 0-4.75
Weighing accuracy Sand(kg) (200-1300) ±1% (200-2000) ±1% (400-3000) ±1%
Cement(kg) (100-700) ±1% (100-800) ±1% (200-1300) ±1%
Additive(kg) (5-30) ±0.5% (10-50) ±0.5% (10-200) ±0.5%

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