Simple Dry Mortar Production Line for Sale

Simple dry mortar production line for sale is mainly used for producing pre-mix mortar. It is easier to install and needs less floor space to place due to its simple structures and compositions. It is easy to operate and can start the batch cycle the moment it is assembled. Its output capacities are from 1 ton to 10 ton at per hour.

Simple Dry Mixed Mortar Production Equipment for Sale in AIMIX
GJ1000 Simple Dry Mortar Mix Plant for Sale in AIMIX

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Characteristics of Aimix Simple Dry Mortar Production Line for Sale:

  • 1.Single batch output: 1-9TPH
  • 2.Daily output: 10-90TPH
  • 3.Main components: 1 gravityless multi-spiral dry powder mixer, 2 screw conveyors, 1 electric feeding machine, 1 finished dry powder storage bin, 1 automatic valve-gate/open-gate packing machine and 1 electric control cabinet.

What Kind of Premix Mortar Can Be Produced?

Aimix simple dry mortar mixing plant for sale can produce various kinds of dry mortars materials to meet different performance requirements.

  • 1.dry putty powder
  • 2.dry powder binder
  • 3.thermal insulation mortar
  • 4.coating powder
  • 5.masonry mortar
  • 6.plastering mortar
  • 7.bonding mortar
  • 8.decorative mortar

Features of Aimix Simple Dry Mix Mortar Manufacturing Plant for sale:

  • 1.The dry powder mixer can achieve continuous feeding and stirring after the ready mixed mortar being delivered to the storage silo.
  • 2.Add automatic dosing device on the valve port under the storage bin to complete continuous operations of feeding, stirring and packaging at the same time, which can shorten packaging time and reduce labor working intensity.
  • 3.Apply twin axis dry mortar mixer which can reserve the original state of the dry materials to a large extent and ensure not to reduce the insulation coefficient of the dry mortar during stirring and damage their shape.
  • 4.It has good sealing performance so that it will make low noise pollution and less air pollution.
  • 5.Time-saving and energy-saving. It can self feed, self measure, self discharge and self pack mortar.
  • 6.Only need 2 or 3 workers to operate the small dry mortar plant..
  • 7.Add dust removal equipment to reduce the enviroment pollutio and improve the working environment of workers.

Advantages of Aimix Small Dry Mortar Plants for Sale:

  • 1.Easy to install, operate and maintain.
  • 2.No special need for installation site. It only needs small place to set up.
  • 3.The total equipment height is no more than 3 meters. Hence, it can be built up at the ordinary houses and no need to heighten the factory workshop.
  • 4.AIMIX adopts high-grade H type steel to produce the frame, which makes the whole equipment more durable.
  • 5.Need less invest funds and can start to produce dry mortar at once it is assembled to make returns and earn money.
  • 6.Ideal choice for individual or small entrepreneur thanks to its stable performance and simple operating ways. Widely applied in small or medium-sized factories.

GJ1000 Simple Dry Mortar Production Machine Exported to Peru:

best aimix dry mortar equipment
GJ1000 Simple Dry Mortar Plant Exported to Peru

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Aimix Simple Dry Mortar Machine for Sale

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GJ2000 Simple Dry Mortar Mix Machine Customer Feedback from Peru

dry mix mortar plant
GJ2000 Simple Dry Mortar Production Line

dry mortar mixer machine
Customer Feedback from Peru

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GJ2000 Simple Dry Mortar Production Plant Exported to Kenya:

dry mortar plant manufacturer
GJ2000 Simple Dry Mortar Production Line for Sale

best quality dry mortar equipment for sale
Cheap Simple Dry Mortar Making Machine

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GJ1000 Simple Dry Mortar Production Line Exported to Saudi Arabia:

mortar premix machine
GJ1000 Simple Dry Mortar Production Line for Sale

mortar equipment
3ton Simple Dry Mortar Production Line Sale to Saudi Arabia

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Features of Aimix Simple Dry Mortar Mixing Plants for Sale:

  • 1. Suitable for producing special and single-variety dry mortar
  • 2. With lower investment cost and suitable for small business investment
  • 3. With small floor area and less than 3 meters height and suitable for common private house
  • 4. Easy to operate
  • 5. With high production capacity. One ton for one time, 10 to 20 tons a day.

Simple Dry Mortar Mixer
Cutaway View of Dry Mortar Mixer

Best Simple Dry Mortar Plant Manufactuer-Aimix Group

  • 1.Low simple dry mortar production line price. Aimix simple dry mix mortar machine would be your first choice if you want to start a dry mortar business in your local city. Its price depends on its productivities, models, standards and other factors. Please tell us your need and we can give you the details and price of the right model.
  • 2.Aimix has large sales volumes to over 56 countries including Peru, Malaysia, Kenya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Turkey, Mongolia, the United Kingdom, Burkina Faso and so on.
  • 3.Aimix not only manufactures 3-9ton simple type dry mortar plants for sale but also 5-100ton fully automatic dry mortar production lines for sale. Therefore, you can get any models or sizes in Aimix to meet your daily output need.
  • 4.Supply excellent after-sale service. Aimis has set up five overseas offices in Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan and UZ. Besides, Aimix Group has countless local agents all around the world. Therefore, we can supply timely help and solve any problems if our customers need.
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Aimix GJ2000 Simple Dry Mortar Plant Working in Peru

Specification : 

Model: GJ2000
Capacity: 5-6 t/h
Aggregate Diameter: 0-4.75mm
Power: 37KW

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Simple Ready Mixed Dry Mortar Mixing Machinery for sale
GJ1000 Simple Dry Mortar Mix Plant for Sale in AIMIX

Specification : 

Model: GJ1000
Capacity: 3 t/h
Aggregate Diameter: 0-4.75mm
Power: 30KW

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Simple Dry Mortar Batch Mix Equipment for sale
GJ2000 Simple Type Dry Mortar Production Machine for Sale in AIMIX

Specification : 

Model: GJ2000
Capacity: 5-6 t/h
Aggregate Diameter: 0-4.75mm
Power: 37KW

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Operating Principle:

  • 1. The weighed raw materials are transported into the mixer by screw conveyor
  • 2. The discharging gate of the mixer is connected with another screw conveyor. The finished products will be loaded into the storage bin by means of the screw conveyor
  • 3. The discharging gate of the storage bin is connected with the valve-gate packing machine/open gate packing machine. The finished products will be packed and stored after being weighed by packing machine.

Four Systems of Simple Dry Mortar Mixing Plant:

Batching and Weighing System

  • The key part in the batching and weighing system is the screw conveyor. It has both weighing and conveying functions. Screw conveyor is almost suitable for conveying all kinds of powder materials and can be placed by horizontal layout.
  • Aimix applies wear-resistant materials to ensure the screw conveyor can serve you for a longer life time. Besides, Aimix uses frequency conversion controller to command its operations. What is more, it can precisely weigh the minute quantity of additives materials in proportion of 1:1000 or 1:10000.

Dry Mixer System

  • The dry mixer is also the most important part in the simple dry mortar plant. It has few good performance advantages.
  • Its mixing uniformity can reach to 99%
  • It can evenly stir all the materials within 1-3 minutes.
  • It can keep lower energy consumption on the basis of ensuring its mixing uniformity.
  • It has internal high-speed flying blades to disperse the material fiber.
  • It uses pneumatic sealing system for the discharging gate.
  • The mixing blades are made of wear-resistant materials which can ensures longer service life time and has stable mixing performance.

Environmentally Packaging System

  • Impeller packaging machine with packaging weight range within 20-50kg.
  • Worker only needs to put the packaging bag into the valve port, then the packaging system will automatically prime and seal the bag.

Intelligent Computer Batching System

  • The intelligent computer batching system has self-check accuracy software, which is easy for timely correction and maintenance.

Main Parameters:

Model Productivity(t/h) Cycloid needle Hoist size Mixing bucket size Effective volume(m3) Thickness of cylinder Plugging thickness
GJ1000 3 XWD7 Φ165X3.2m Φ1.05mX1.9m 1.65m³ 3mm 6mm
GJ2000 5-6 XWD8 Φ219X3.8m Φ1.25mX2.2m 2.48m³ 3mm 6mm
GJ3000 8-9 XWD9 Φ219X4m Φ1.4mX2.52m 4m³ 3mm 6mm

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