Ladder Type Dry Mortar Production Line

The Batching system, weighing system and raw material storage bins of Ladder Type Dry Mortar Production Line are set at the bottom of the whole plant, and all of them connect with the upper plant parts by means of the hoisting devices.

Therefore, this kind of structure of stairs type dry mortar mixing plant makes the plant can be directly installed on the ground and there is no need to separately set up a supporting structure. Ladder Type Dry Mortar Production Line is suitable for those construction sites that have requirements to the height of plant defined by local rules of law or the states of geology.

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G15 Step Type Dry Mortar Mix Plant for Sale

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What is Dry Mortar?

Dry mortar refers to the dry mix sand, dry powder cement, perlite powder, dry lime or other dry mix agglomerant powder. When mix with water, dry mortar is commited to play the part of adhesion agent to bind building blocks (like bricks, stones or concrete masonry units ) together, fill and seal the gaps between blocks.

What’s more, mix the dry mortar with other adhesion agents by means of dry powder mixer machine, the mixture can be made into thermal mortar to paint onto the walls for thermal insulation or decorative functions.

Dry mortar production line refers to the plants that are made of drying equipment, dry sand mixer and cement packing machine. Dry mix mortar plants are applied to produce various kinds of ready mix mortar such as dry powder, dry mix cement, dry lime and so on.

Cement mortar
Dry Cement Mortar Powder

Lime mortar
Dry Lime Mortar Powder

Sand mortar
Dry Sand Mortar Powder

Concrete seal gaps
Concrete bonds the blocks together

Features of Ladder Type Dry Mortar Production Line:

1. With flexible structure and medium floor area.

2. Step type dry mortar mix plant needs medium cost to invest

3. With two-stage structure which declines the loading weight of steel frame and the height of main building and reduces the project investment by a large margin.

4. Generally used for producing common dry mortar.

5. Compared with tower type, ladder type dry mortar mix machine adds the secondary lifting process, and the storage system of it is mainly the surface storage layout.

6. Step type dry mortar mixing equipment possesses the function of automatically loading the powder materials including cement and coal ash, and sets up automatic alarm device to inspect the level of powder materials. Furthermore, it can automatically conduct the loading process, batching plant and packaging process.

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GJ05 Step Type Dry Mortar Plant for Sale

Specification : 

Model: GJ05
Capacity: 5 t/h
Aggregate Diameter: 0-4.75mm
Power: 30KW

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Why Choose AIMIX Products?

1.Mixing System

AIMIX equips the step type dry mortar production line with excellent mixing system whose mixing capacity is stronger, mixing accuracy is higher and the service life is longer. During the mixing process, it won’t generate dissociation and the mixing ratio can reach 1:10000 or even higher, which meets the construction requirements to an extreme degree. No mixed materials will leak out when discharging the finished mixture. With more effective mixing area inside of the mixer, the mixer needs less time to discharge the mixture and there is no residuary mixture left in the mixer.

2.Drying System

With energy-saving and reliable drying system, all the materials are dried evenly, and the conversion ratio of heat efficiency is higher.

3.Dust Removal System

With efficient and environmental dust removal system that adopts primary cyclone dust removal system plus the secondary bag filter structure. The powder particles collected by the bag filter will be recycled. All the sites causing dust will be installed suction inlets to effectively control the dust emission.

4.Weighing System

With accurate and stable weighing system.

5.Packing System

AIMIX equips the packaging system with both loose packing and full packing devices to meet different requirements of customers. The customers may select the appropriate types in accordance with their own product categories and quantities.

6.Control System

With reliable and humanized computer control system whose automation is higher. AIMIX equips the control system with self-developed control software to realize the automatically manufacturing the dry mortar. Users can self-control the production process and discharging sequences according to different production need and operating habits.

7.Screening System

With 85% efficiency of screening and self-cleaning function.

8.Stable Structure and lower noise pollution

AIMIX adopts high-grade H type steel to produce the frame, which makes the whole equipment more durable. And the plants are with superior practicability, compact structure and simple technological process and easy to operate.

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GJ10 Step Type Dry Mortar Production Line for Sale

Specification : 

Model: GJ10
Capacity: 10 t/h
Aggregate Diameter: 0-4.75mm
Power: 37KW

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Main parts:

1. Aggregates storage bins, powder materials silos.

2. Screw conveyors, weighing scales

3. Bucket elevators

4. Full automatic batching system

5. Pre-mixing bin

6. Mortar Mixer Parts(Installed with triaxial mixing vanes)

7. Finished products storage bins

8. Packaging system (Open gate/valve-gate type packing machine)

9. Dust removal system(impulse type)

10. Control system to inspect the level of powder materials

11. Steel frame, platform, ladder stand, barrier

12. Main control system

13. Air compressor system: The central air compressor

14. The gas phase equilibrium system

15. Bulk materials storage system: finished mixture tanks, bulk machine.

16. Drying system

17. Alarm system

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GJ15 Step Type Dry Mortar Production Line for Sale

Specification : 

Model: GJ15
Capacity: 15 t/h
Aggregate Diameter: 0-4.75mm
Power: 55KW

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Operating Principle:

For the working process of ladder type dry mortar production line, firstly remove the raw materials storage bins to the ground from the upward side of mixer. Then the raw materials will be weighed by the weighing system installed on the below side of storage bins.

Weighed aggregates will be secondly lifted to the mixer by the bucket elevator. For the sake of declining the lifting time, set middle storage bins on the upward side of mixer, thus the weighing process, mixing process and packing process will be simultaneously and parallelly conducted.

The storage bins and weighing devices for additive agents and other materials with lower proportion will be installed on the upward side of mixer to avoid matching error caused by the residual in hoister.

Main Parameters:

Models GJ05 GJ10 GJ15 GJ20 GJ30 GJ40 GJ50 GJ60 GJ80 GJ100
Production capacity(t/h) 5 10 15 20 30 40 50 60 80 100
Control system Semi-auto/Full-auto


Semi-auto/Full-auto Semi-auto/Full-auto Semi-auto/Full-auto Semi-auto/Full-auto Semi-auto/Full-auto Semi-auto/Full-auto Semi-auto/Full-auto Semi-auto/Full-auto Semi-auto/Full-auto

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